Eastern Nebraska Two Meter ARES Net

The Eastern Nebraska Two Meter ARES Net can be heard every night on the
Lincoln Amateur Radio Clubs 146.760- KØKKV repeater at 21:00. You can also use 442.700+ using a 146.2Hz CTCSS tone.
Check in and stick around for comments, let us know you are on the air!

Sunday Bryan, WØBCL
Monday Eric, KØEZW
Tuesday Mike, NØDIZ
Wednesday Lance, WUØQ
Thursday Bev, KDØPTR
Friday Eric, KØJIA
Saturday Levi, KEØTXD

HF Net’s Across the Section of Nebraska
Daily- Morning Net 3.982KHz 07:30 / 12:30
Daily- Cornhusker Net 3.982KHz 12:30 / 17:30
Daily- NE Forty Net 7.282KHz 13:00 / 18:00
Daily- NE Storm Net 3.982KHz 18:30 / 23:30 / 01:30
M-F- CW Traffic Net 3.540KHz 19:00 / 00:00
Daily- 160 Weather Net 1.995 19:30 / 01:30
M-S- West Nebraska Net 3.950 07:00 / 12:00
Sun- WØIRZ Memorial ARES Net 3.982 08:30

Download the 3.982 Net Control Stations List

NCS 3982

Bill, KEØXQ and Tom, WDØBFO fill in as backup’s when needed