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Welcome to NEARES.NET! This site is owned, designed and operated by Ed Holloway, KØRPT, with an interest in Amateur Radio Emergency Services for the State of Nebraska and all counties within.
LARC KØKKV Repeater Audio
KØKKV: 146.76 (-)
Lincoln Amatuer Radio Club
NOAA Weather Radio WXM20
WXM20 - 162.475 MHz
Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Lincoln-Lancaster Emergency Mngmt.Wind Advisory in effect 10am thru 9pm today. Strong north winds will impact the area with gusts 40-50 mph. Winds may cause blowing debris and make travel difficult. https://t.co/U7NIofrfOk,
  • Lincoln-Lancaster Emergency Mngmt.LLCEMA participated in a joint communication exercise yesterday. We were able to test radio communications with multiple agencies on multiple radio channels. These exercises allow us to test our current capabilities and make improvements for even better radio communication. https://t.co/eyyY4Ngkky
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LARC/September VHF Contest

LARC and NeARES will activate the club callsign KØKKV from the home of Greg, KTØK using the LEOC MOC.


September 11th & 12th.

Looking for operators and those who would like to have fun!


LARC Flea Market

Saturday September 11th is the day. 8310 Sandalwood Dr. is the place. 8AM to 2PM is the time. You bring the table and tarp and your ham radio stuff to sell. Let’s have some fun with this!

Repeater Updates 7-23-21

Recently, the team of Jim, WØJRN, Shaun, KØSMM and I, KØRPT installed the 443.900+ repeater at Northbend NE and it is working very well.

For a temporary repeater change, the KØRPT 147.195+ & – repeater is in analog mode so that the LARC can use it for Cornhusker State Games. There is a bicycle tour that is 100 miles and goes deep into Gage County. When the event is complete, 147.195+ will go back to digital and once again be connected to the NeARES room on WiresX.

The 224.980, 145.145 and 147.075 link has been temporarily disconnected as we build another linking controller to add the 444.625 Julian repeater. We’ll install this new link site in the real near future. Keep an eye on us.

We are working with Pawnee Amateur Radio Club of Columbus to move a UHF repeater and install it at a much higher location and then start the process of linking their 146.640- repeater.

We are in the talking and design phase with Blue Valley Amateur Radio Club to bring the 147.270+ WAØHOU repeater into the system. We’ll keep you up to date as we progress.


Much thanks to all who are working with NeARES… Things are happening and we’re glad to be a part of the team…




Repeater updates 6-4-21

The NeARES Repeater team has been hard at work this summer already. Thus far, Shaun, KØSMM, Jim, WØJRN, Troy, KEØCSL, Mike, NØFER and I have installed the following:

145.490- (KØRPT) East Lincoln

147.330+ (WØMAO) West Lincoln

443.500+ (KØRPT) East Lincoln

224.300- (KØRPT) East Lincoln

927.325- (KØRPT) Downtown Lincoln

444.625+ (WØMAO) Julian, NE

Mike, NØFER, Keith, WØCHV and Blaine, KØNE have been busy with the Lincoln Repeater Clubs repeaters.

They have rebuilt, replaced and or moved:

444.100+ (WØDMS) SE Lincoln

146.850- (KØLNE) SE Lincoln

147.240+ (NØFER) SE Lincoln


NeARES has installed the links to 444.625 (WØMAO) and 147.075 (WBØYLA) to 224.980- (KØRPT) as part of the NEARES Repeater Network.


Keep an eye on us…. We’re Making Things Happen this year!!!



ARRL, LARC, NeARES Field Day 2021

The ARRL, LARC & NeARES Field Day 2021 event is rapidly approaching. June 26th thru the 27th at Mahoney City Park in Lincoln, NE. Come out and share with friends and others the spirit of amateur radio.

NeARES officially a NON-Profit Corporation in Nebraska

NeARES has officially became a non-profit corporation registered with the Secretary of State in Nebraska. It’s taken some time to complete all task’s but, we’re done and can move forward with our mission and goals. We are a member less organization as we don’t want to be competitive with any other like organization within the Section of Nebraska. Our goal is to bring like organizations together to form a large scale statewide team in support of ARES, SkyWarn and other events that may come. Our mission is based solely on philanthropy. Through the use and distribution of donated funds and materials to smaller organizations where a need is present, acting as technical advisers and assisting those organizations where possible, we hope to achieve our goals in building the large scale statewide network of teams.

The purpose of the corporation is the advancement of the science of electronic communication through the education and instruction of its members and others, including but not limited to, owning and operating an amateur radio station or stations and providing emergency communication services to city, county, state and Federal authorities, American Red Cross, and other duly constituted charitable, educational or public authorities. No part of its income or net earnings are to inure to the benefit of or be distributable to its members, directors or officers or to any private individual. The corporation shall not issue any stock. To assist like organizations as technical advisors and assistants where needed in the implementation and installation of communications equipment allowing said organization to fulfill volunteer duties in a manner prescribed by the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Strategic Plan. This can include the repurposing of donated communications equipment to said organizations where funding is limited and a real need is demonstrable.

Our Board of Directors are:

Ed Holloway, KØRPT: President

Mike Gill, WØMEG: Vice President

James Nelson, WØJRN: Secretary

Greg Brown, KTØK: Treasurer

If you like our mission and goals and would like to donate to NeARES, please contact Greg Brown, KTØK at kt0k@windstream.net or any of our Board of Directors. A page on our website will reflect those donors. Being tax exempt, you can write off those donations yearly.


I want to thank Jim Nelson, WØJRN for doing the foot work to complete the tasks and the Board of Directors for taking on the task of leading this organization!





ARES/SkyWarn Happenings

ARES/SkyWarn Happenings

The storm season is upon us and that means we’re ramping up for activations and some “Eye’s In The Sky” fun. There are some changes this year in point locations and we’ve added a new point. Additional changes include repeater assignments. We’re in the process of completing Storm Spotter Packets for 2021 that will include all of the new information. We will produce a video and post it on Neares.net for all spotters to watch before getting the 2021 Spotters Packet. We also need to have everyone update your ARES registration. With the merge of Sprint and T-Mobil, email addresses and Text Alert data has changed. Please visit https://neares.net/ares-membership/ and complete an update.

The system will not send you an e-mail but, it will me and I can update you in the database. 2021 Spotter Packets will go out to those who have updated the ARES registration and watched the video that contains all the new information for the 2021 storm season.

Thanks for your participation!


New ARES Logo for Nebraska

With permission granted by our Section Manager, Matt Anderson, KAØBOJ, below is the new logo for ARES in Nebraska! Much thanks to Justin Williamson, WJØTX for helping with the design and Ed, KØRPT for the design. NE ARES shall use this logo for all matters related to ARES in Nebraska.


ARRL Nebraska Section EC.

Local NOAA Weather

Lincoln, NE

Last Updated on Oct 28 2021, 2:54 pm CDT

Current Conditions: Fair and Breezy


Temp: 59°F

Wind: North at 25mph

Humidity: 51%

Windchill: 55°F

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