The Lincoln Amateur Radio Club offers classes regularly throughout the year. Below is the information you will want.


Classes – We offer FREE classes for anyone who wants to attend. Contact Aaron Rogge, NØADR, for more information. Watch the main page for class dates and locations.

Testing – We offer regular Volunteer Examiner (VE) testing every month.

Testing is held at 6:30 PM on the first Thursday of the month at Virginia’s Cafe, 3820 Cornhusker Hwy, in Lincoln. Please refer to the calendar to confirm VE test dates.

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The cost of testing is $15. A picture ID, or two IDs without pictures, is required. If you are trying for an upgrade, please bring your original license and a copy that we can keep in order to send in with the paperwork. If you just recently passed the Technician exam or upgraded and have not yet received your license or seen the license posted on the FCC Website, please bring a copy of your CSCE that we can send in with the paperwork. If you have an FCC Registration Number (FRN), please bring it also. The FRN is required on all recent FCC licenses and applications, not just on our Amateur licenses.

As the default, the FCC no longer mails a paper license, but it does send out an email so you can print a paper license. So, that makes it very important to provide a legible email address on the Form ULS License Manager, but an email address is somewhat easier. You can also reset the FCC’s ULS default so that the FCC will provide official authorizations on paper. Go to: to get started with the ULS License Manager.

Expired License? – The FCC has made it possible for a Ham to receive his or her old class license, if it has expired more than two years ago, without taking the General or Extra exam. You must attend a VE Session, pay the current exam fee ($15), and have at least a Technician Class license to qualify for the General or Amateur Extra upgrade that you used to have. If you don’t have a current Technician license, you must pass the Technician exam at a VE Session to be upgraded to your old license.

You must provide the proof that you originally had the General, Advanced, or Extra license and provide a copy of the proof for the team to turn in with the Form 605. The license will be a “new” issue, so you will receive a sequential call sign, not your original call sign. Since the Advanced Class is no longer issued, a General Class license will be issued for the expired Advanced. The Novice Class is no longer available unless it expired within the last two years. If your license is within the two-year grace period, you can simply renew your license through the FCC. And, of course, the original call sign will be maintained and the Advanced and Novice Class licenses can be renewed.