NeARES has been doing tower work for those who cannot complete the work themselves or, need some additional assistance. Shaun, KØSMM is the ADEC in charge of managing this crew and setting up site survey’s and assisting with the prepping stages of upcoming tower jobs. These job’s can be simple in nature or, they may get quite advanced. Some of the rules we are living by is, we are there to do the tower work, you should have the cables made in advance. This helps us in that, your are ready for the climbers before they get onsite. We wont drill holes in your home or fish coax throughout your home, this is your job. Some exceptions can be made. We did a test run of this system last year and it proved itself very well. Essentially, the least amount of time we are at your home, the more time we have with our families and hobby’s. We have a pretty good list already in place for 2021 but, still have room for some additional jobs. The list so far is below and I will be adding a form to this page where, you can request a tower crew. If you would like to help, can be a good ground person or climb the tower, we would love to hear from you!

*Updated 6-15-22*

Hal Kunkee, KØKTZ “Rotor Replacement”

John, KAØFWC “Repeater install, Auburn”

Ed, KØRPT “New Site Install”





If you would like to be a part of the tower crew or, have some tower work that you need some help with, fill out the form below and one of will get in contact with you! Thanks!!


Tower Crew Contact