Recently, the team of Jim, WØJRN, Shaun, KØSMM and I, KØRPT installed the 443.900+ repeater at Northbend NE and it is working very well.

For a temporary repeater change, the KØRPT 147.195+ & – repeater is in analog mode so that the LARC can use it for Cornhusker State Games. There is a bicycle tour that is 100 miles and goes deep into Gage County. When the event is complete, 147.195+ will go back to digital and once again be connected to the NeARES room on WiresX.

The 224.980, 145.145 and 147.075 link has been temporarily disconnected as we build another linking controller to add the 444.625 Julian repeater. We’ll install this new link site in the real near future. Keep an eye on us.

We are working with Pawnee Amateur Radio Club of Columbus to move a UHF repeater and install it at a much higher location and then start the process of linking their 146.640- repeater.

We are in the talking and design phase with Blue Valley Amateur Radio Club to bring the 147.270+ WAØHOU repeater into the system. We’ll keep you up to date as we progress.


Much thanks to all who are working with NeARES… Things are happening and we’re glad to be a part of the team…