The NeARES Repeater team has been hard at work this summer already. Thus far, Shaun, KØSMM, Jim, WØJRN, Troy, KEØCSL, Mike, NØFER and I have installed the following:

145.490-  (KØRPT) East Lincoln

147.330+ (WØMAO) West Lincoln

443.500+ (KØRPT) East Lincoln

224.300- (KØRPT) East Lincoln

927.325- (KØRPT) Downtown Lincoln

444.625+ (WØMAO) Julian, NE

Mike, NØFER, Keith, WØCHV and Blaine, KØNE have been busy with the Lincoln Repeater Clubs repeaters.

They have rebuilt, replaced and or moved:

444.100+ (WØDMS) SE Lincoln

146.850- (KØLNE) SE Lincoln

147.240+ (NØFER) SE Lincoln


NeARES has installed the links to 444.625 (WØMAO) and 147.075 (WBØYLA) to 224.980- (KØRPT) as part of the NEARES Repeater Network.


Keep an eye on us…. We’re Making Things Happen this year!!!