Simulated Emergency Training Exercise

October 26, 2019, 9 – 12 pm

Nebraska Section Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) will be conducting a simulated emergency training exercise on Saturday, October 26, 2019. The purposes of the simulated emergency training exercise are to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in emergency preparedness and communications and to demonstrate amateur radio to the organizations and public we serve. Amateur radio operators in the Nebraska Section are encouraged to participate from their home stations, deploy to a field location suitable for amateur radio activities, or activate local emergency operations centers. Please consult your county’s Emergency Coordinator for details. Those amateurs in Lancaster County wishing to participate should sign up by visiting

The goal of the 2019 SETE for Nebraska Section is to test the ability of stations to operate primarily in FM Simplex or through repeaters with battery back-up to pass messages to localized, specific destinations throughout the state. In addition to localized, specific message handling, local leaders such as your EC, DEC, and ASEC will utilize other forms of communication to pass traffic to the SEC that can include DSTAR, DMR, HF, and, dare I say, packet.

Simple messages will be generated to send to the destination stations. This will help test stations’ ability to accurately copy and pass messages. NTS formatted messaging will be utilized at the AEC to SEC level.

Ed Holloway, KØRPT
ARRL Nebraska Section EC