The annual NWS Tornado drill is scheduled for March 24th at 11:00AM. Please listen to KØKKV 146.76 repeater for the Net to start at around 10:30AM. When the tones are on the repeater, and Net Control asks for your check in, please check in with your callsign only and wait for acknowledgment and an assignment. Net Control will assign you to a point. When the event is cleared, Net Control will release you from the net and document your time. This is a “Mock” or “Test” net. You will not actually deploy to the point. Net Control TBA.


The annual Lancaster Co. Siren test is scheduled for April 7th at 10:15AM. This is where we will need volunteers to go out to the assigned locations and observe the siren and reporting to net control. We are looking for both rotation and sounding or not for a report. Please contact Shaun, KØSMM if you are available to assist.

If you have questions, please contact Ed, KØRPT at