LARC Awards
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Awards Criteria:
When making your nomination, please provide short statements describing how the nominee meets the award criteria for which you are nominating. Where possible, provide examples to support the statements. (Please limit response to space provided)

The” Award Season” is upon us, let’s take a look at the background and rules of each of the awards offered annually by the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club.

Funded by a generous contribution to the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club, this annual award will include a certificate and $100 cash. At the November meeting, each year, a panel of judges will evaluate entries, apply a consistent scoring system and the Awards committee will announce the winner at the Club’s annual holiday party.
Bob Fricke, WØPOL, was a consummate builder, producing finished products that could have been mistaken for commercially manufactured equipment. After he died in 2004, many of his kits were sold at auction. Bob’s wife Martha, established the award in 2005.
For each entry, each judge will score the entry and then turn in the signed sheets to the awards committee. Only current members of the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club will be eligible for the award. The judging criteria is as follows. Bring your home-made item to the November meeting for judging.
Each judge will award up to 10 points for each of the following criteria:
Overall appearance (to a layman)
Circuit appearance (soldering, etc.)
Overall design/layout
His call Custom design (5 automatic points if the circuit was developed by the entrant)
Achievement of objective (Does it do what was intended)

In the early 1950’s, Jerry Cox, WØMAO, was without a doubt the most active ham in the Lincoln area. Even though disabled and in a wheelchair, he was on the air constantly, monitoring several frequencies and providing assistance where needed. Jerry became a Silent Key about 1960, and his mother through it seemed fitting to recognize Amateur Radio operators who carried on his dedicated interest in Ham Radio. At that time the Jerry Cox Award came into being, sponsored by the Lincoln MARS Club and memorializing [now used at NEMA EOC].
The award was to be presented annually to the Ham whose interests closely followed the interests of Jerry --- excellent operating techniques, active in Public Service, and interest in experimenting and exploring things of a technical nature. In addition, the Ham should be friendly to all and eager to help new Hams. It is not designed to be a popularity contest. Nominees are to be made by fellow Hams and the recipient selected from those nominated. All nominations are to be in writing and submitted to the selection committee no later than November 15. The recipient has his or her name and call affixed to the award plaque, recognizing excellence in the Amateur Radio Community.

This award is presented to an individual who has acted as a mentor (or “Elmer”) and helped other Ham operators to advance in the hobby. By definition, a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teach. Ham operators have a tradition of helping one another, and the Ed Woerner Award is given to one whose assistance has gone above and beyond what would have been expected. Nominations for this award are sought from Amateur operators in the area; Club membership is not necessary.

Jerry Kohn, WDØEGK, died of a stroke on November 2, 2008. Dr Kohn was a family dentist to some Club members, but to many more of us he was the sparkplug for numerous Public Service events. He was one of a handful of hams who had worked with the Cornhusker State Games every year since their inception in 1984.
There was seldom a public service event that Jerry missed. His volunteer hours total was either at the top or near the top of the list year after year. Jerry served on the Board of the Club for a total of 14 years beginning with his first term, in 1980. The Jerry Kohn Award was created in 2008 to recognize outstanding Public Service by a Club member based on statistics showing total participation and factors such as total hours or bike miles.

Steve May, WAØASM, loved a challenge and always worked to fix his own radios as well as that of others. He was a man who never needed recognition but was always there to help with a smile. This award recognizes a club member who sees the need and steps forward to take it on without expecting recognition. The current Board will select the recipient and present it at the Christmas Party.