ARES/SkyWarn Happenings

The storm season is upon us and that means we’re ramping up for activations and some “Eye’s In The Sky” fun. There are some changes this year in point locations and we’ve added a new point. Additional changes include repeater assignments. We’re in the process of completing Storm Spotter Packets for 2021 that will include all of the new information. We will produce a video and post it on for all spotters to watch before getting the 2021 Spotters Packet. We also need to have everyone update your ARES registration. With the merge of Sprint and T-Mobil, email addresses and Text Alert data has changed. Please visit and complete an update.

The system will not send you an e-mail but, it will me and I can update you in the database. 2021 Spotter Packets will go out to those who have updated the ARES registration and watched the video that contains all the new information for the 2021 storm season.

Thanks for your participation!