ARES Connect is the means by which the ARES Team will add you to the county that you reside, establish ARES events that, you can sign up for and report your hours, miles and participation; monthly. When you register, you will be classified by one of three level’s. As you progress in your training, your level within ARES will increase. The levels and requirements are listed below:

Level 1. is where we classify a newcomer. A person with no training. his person will have an amateur radio license and be willing to take the ARRL, NEMA and FEMA online courses of study.

Level 2. is a level where you have completed at minimum, EC-016, ICS-100, ISC-200, ISC-700 and ISC-800. Having completed this training will allow for you to be appointed an AEC (Assistant Emergency Coordinator) in the county that you reside. However, The EC (Emergency Coordinator) of your county may recommend that you be appointed and AEC position in another county that He/She is appointed as an EC.

Level 3. Is the level where you must complete all the requirements of level 2 plus, EC-001, ICS-300, ICS-400 or, in lieu of ICS-300 & ICS-400, the FEMA Development courses, IS-120.c, IS-230.d, IS-235.c, IS-240.b, IS-241.b, IS-242.b & IS-244.b. After you have completed these courses, your EC can recommend you for appointment of EC (Emergency Coordinator), ADEC (Assistant District Emergency Coordinator, DEC (District Emergency Coordinator), ASEC (Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator) and lastly, SEC (Section Emergency Coordinator).

Recommendations are made from the EC to their ADEC, to their DEC, to their ASEC and finally to the SEC who, will make the appointment. This allows for a chain of command while also allowing the SEC to take a “Hands Off”, “Non-Micro-Management” approach with respect to each district and county, giving those appointee’s the ability to set policy within their respective district or county. To be appointed to any of these positions, you must be a member, in good standing, with the ARRL.


To become a member of ARES, click the ARES Membership link below, fill out the form and click Register.

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